Theme of the Congress: Facing the Future - Together

No matter how smart, talented, driven, or passionate we are, our success as an Association Leader depends on our ability to build and inspire a team and how we associate with others .Successful people are those who associate with people that inspire them , people that challenge them to rise higher, people that make them better and people that are adding to their growth in one way or another. What we all have in common is an interest and a passion of being successful by joining hands and work together .

At “Facing the Future -Together” Association leaders will collaborate to work together and share their experiences. The event aims to inspire other Association leaders and enrich them with tangible professional principles and values.

We invite our guests to come and discover the benefits of being part of IAC 2020 towards a bright future.

Some Key Facts:

Edition of IAC will take place in Colombo Sri Lanka
of delegates - Decision Makers
Association Professionals attended IAC till date
Partners & Sponsors till date