Meet IAC Advisory Council – Dean A. West

Dean A. West – Founder and President at Association Laboratory Inc.

What industry sector does your association/ organization represent?
We work with associations and conduct research in a variety of sectors but have particular expertise in healthcare and engineering.

What are the most pressuring issues in your association/ organization, which you observe in the global market?
Leadership – current leaders do not understand or accept that new or emerging audiences have different needs and look to the association for different solutions that historically.

Localization – global or national associations are challenged to adjust global and national value propositions to the unique needs of local audiences. This could be challenges operating in another country or challenges operating in multiple states.

Audience Understanding and Value Proposition – understanding new audiences and creating and sustaining a customized value proposition for different priority target markets.

What potential do you see in India Association Congress 2019 and whom do you think should attend it?
While Indian associations serve many different audiences, they share common challenges. It is critical for top association leaders and renowned subject matter experts to gather together and share what works and does not work within the association sector and in Indian association leadership. By discussing the changing environment facing association leaders and sharing best practices in association strategy, all associations are better prepared to adapt to and be successful in a complex, dynamic business environment.

Among all the IAC topics, which is the most interesting for you and why?

Collaboration Without Fear

Beyond Membership Fees


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