It is my pleasure to announce that the 7th edition of India Association Congress is scheduled during 18 - 19 August 2017 in Kolkata.

It is heartwarming to witness that with every edition, we are progressing towards a strong community, building among associations, joining hands to explore best practices and sharing ideas for betterment of each and every industry.

To my industry colleagues and partners, it is your support that has got us this far. Today, i am proud to say this unique, one of a kind event in India has received recognition and has the support of many international organisations.

It is time of the year to strengthen our stake holding and service associations and corporates better, mutually benefiting all of us.

I’m glad to see the support and trust that each participant and sponsor companies have showcased in all the previous editions. It is the motivation which drives us to keep trying to extend the best to you all.

Need all your support to make IAC 2017 BIGGER AND BETTER for all of us!


The India Association Congress (IAC) is one of its kind in India, bringing together association leaders and stalwarts from various industries who have supported and contributed tremendously to the success of this conference.

Why Register!

The question that every member asks is, what does the congress do for me? How will I benefit? The answer is that the contribution of the members to the congress is directly proportional to what the congress gives back to its members. The congress is a collaboration of presidents and secretaries of various associations from across the country coming together to form a powerful association with the strength to create and establish the best practices in every industry. This gives the members an opportunity to address interdisciplinary issues that might otherwise blow to become potential threats to the society. This humongous platform gives the members the publicity and opportunity to gather eye-balls while making a statement of themselves as individuals and the association at large.

The congress provides with a platform to network and market the services and products. The camaraderie that happens between two members acts as a bond even beyond the association giving opportunity for fresh business. The plethora of information available to the members through the association is the perfect setup to access the requirements of the present day market and gather knowledge of the various different fields. The member will have to make an investment in terms of time and make an effort to market his thoughts, services and products while giving the association activities primary importance. To make any business a success the investment of time, money, zeal, hunger and energy is necessary, the association is no different. Every member has a vital role to play in the creation of the ideology of the association and its success.


Indian Association Congress (IAC), the umbrella organisation for associations in India is proud to announce 2nd ASSOCIATION EXCELLENCE AWARD 2017, the most coveted and prestigious awards for associations and association leaders and stalwarts to recognize their invaluable contribution in the sector. The awards will be presented at a gala evening on as part of the 7th India Association Congress on 19st August 2017 in Kolkata, India.

Best PR campaign

This award recognized the best use of public relations tools to establish connect between its members and their publics.

Best International Association

This award recognized the International chapter of an association that has created a bridge between its Indian members and international associates to forge strong bond based on mutual growth principles and has taken its work at par with global standards