17-18 November 2023

Theme: Association Renaissance: Rediscovering Purpose

Taking inspiration from the historical renaissance period, this theme encourages associations to rediscover their core purpose, redefine their vision, and reimagine their impact on society.
0900 – 1200

Arrival Bengaluru / Check in to Hotel

1300 – 1430

Networking Lunch

1430 – 1445

Welcome address

1445 – 1515

Special Address

1515 – 1530

Inaugural Lamp Lighting

1530 – 1600

The Great Indian Story

This captivating keynote will showcase inspiring success stories of India that have achieved significant milestones, driven positive change, and made a difference in their respective domains. Learn from these exemplary case studies and draw inspiration for your association’s journey. 


Relevance of Association!

In this thought-provoking keynote address, industry leaders will examine the evolving landscape of associations and their continued relevance in today’s fast-changing world. Gain insights into reimagining the role and purpose of associations to remain impactful and meaningful. 

1630 – 1700


1700 – 1730

Surviving to Thriving

In this Special address, renowned industry expert will share insights on how associations can evolve from merely surviving in a dynamic and ever-changing landscape to thriving amidst challenges. Discover strategies to adapt, innovate, and seize opportunities for growth.

1730 – 1830

Photo op / Site Inspection / Networking

1900 – 2200

Entertainment/ Cocktail/ Gala dinner


End of Day 1

0930 – 1000

Cultivating a Resilient Mindset

Our wellness coach will be exploring the concept of resilience, how to boost your resilience to increase your well-being, and deal with overwhelm, as life throws curveballs and challenges your way. This is a great way to start the day and connect with each other to form a stronger, healthier team.

1000 – 1030

End of Memberships !

With changing member expectations and the rise of alternative engagement models, associations are re-evaluating their membership structures. Join this thought-provoking discussion to explore new approaches to membership models and how to adapt to shifting member needs. 

1030 – 1100

Show Me the Money !

In this session, financial experts and successful association leaders will discuss effective financial management strategies. Learn how to secure funding, diversify revenue streams, and optimize resources to ensure the financial stability and sustainability of your association. 

1100 – 1130

Effective Advocacy

Advocacy plays a pivotal role in influencing policies and driving change. Join this session to understand the art of effective advocacy and how associations can leverage their collective influence to advocate for their members’ interests and contribute to the development of a conducive business environment. 

1130 – 1200


1200 – 1230

Leveraging AI and How!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents exciting possibilities for associations. This session will uncover practical use cases of AI implementation, from enhancing member services to automating processes, enabling you to harness AI’s potential effectively. 

1230 – 1300

How Social Are We ?

Discover the impact of social media on associations and their ability to connect with members and stakeholders. This session will explore successful social media strategies, content creation, and engagement techniques to amplify your association’s online presence. 

1300 – 1430

Networking Lunch

1430 – 1500

Tech for Association

Discover the latest advancements in association technology solutions. From membership management platforms to event management software, explore how integrating tech tools can boost operational efficiency and enhance member experiences. 


Vision to Innovation

In this concluding keynote, visionary leaders will share insights into driving innovation within associations. Gain valuable perspectives on fostering a culture of innovation, identifying opportunities, and positioning your association as a trailblazer in its field. 


End of Day 2

Note: Above program is tentative